What You Are You Type A? Essay

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Test 1: Are you type A?
I scored 99 points on the first test, which categorises me as personality type B1. I believe this places me in an area that is not a hard-core type B, and allows me to display some soft type A attributes. I am a punctual person, preferring to be on time and meet deadlines, I do not obsess over time and can take time off for leisurely pursuits without feeling overwhelming guilt. With this, it may mean a tendency to procrastinate, and this tends to shorten the timelines needed to get goals/assignments complete, causing stress and anxiety. I find myself leaning more towards type A when it comes to accomplishments, I like to show off my achievements and am proud of my efforts.
Test 2: What motivates you?
I found this test to be accurate as to how I perceive myself and what motivates me. My highest scoring category was affiliation (22 points), this did not come as a surprise as I enjoy meeting new people and making lasting friendships. I try to find common talking points and make the other person feel able to openly communicate with me. This has its issues, as sometimes I can get too involved with the others potential issues, or become hurt when the person does not act in a way I thought they should. The achievement score was also no surprise (20 points). I try to strive for high standards, set by myself and others, and feel immense pride when I achieve those standards. This is also a bit of a personal downfall, as sometimes I set goals that are not…

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