What Year You Are At Scad Or Your Planned Graduation Year For Your Bachelor 's Degree?

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Please confirm what year you are at SCAD (or your planned graduation year for your bachelor’s degree).
I am currently a junior at SCAD and am expected to graduate in the spring of 2017.

Name an experience from your childhood travels that helped spark your interest in interior design. Why did it have an impact?

Any experience where I traveled internationally invigorated my interest in interior design more than domestic travel. Seeing how different cultures thought of design and translated their local needs to design was most interesting to me. For the sake of the question, I will pull from a high school trip to Spain that I took since I have the most recollection of it. Over the course of the trip, I stayed in three different cities within the country. The second hotel in Granada was definitely a hotel to remember. Before it was a hotel, it was a mosque. While the design incorporated its history, it also had a bit of a modern aesthetic about it.

The guestrooms in each of the cities were quite different from the standard hotel room in the States. It definitely showed that they were adapted to fit a variety of sizes and types of hotel guests. As we traveled throughout the country, even the rest stops were designed well. I remember going into one rest stop that had an amazing wayfinding system.

The trip really pushed me to think about design on a new level. After that trip, my interest in commercial design skyrocketed. I knew then, I wanted to design to impact a large…

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