Essay on What The Holy Spirit Is God

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This report will define what the Holy Spirit (The Supernatural). How the Holy Spirit works, its available to everyone who believers and receives. Explain who is the holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is God. Where to find biblical scriptures and concepts to support the terms relating to the (Supernatural) known as the “Holy Spirit.” How Blaspheming the Holy Spirit is a sin, how people quenched the Holy Spirit. Eph. 4:30.(KJV). The reason some people have no relationship with God. There are people who are without the Holy Spirit, for instance, in 1 Cor. 2:14.(KJV). The Holy Spirit, he is a counselor, teacher, will lead and guide you into all truth, give you joy and peace. How the Holy Spirit is a gift from God. The Holy Spirit will convict the world and also, how the Holy Spirit loves us. The biblical definition of the Supernatural (Holy Spirit). According to Slick,” Supernatural means that something is of an origin or state that is not based within the limits of the normal physical universe. Examples of the supernatural,” would be ghosts, magic, angels, demons” . He points out”, So, that which is supernatural is associated with not being limited to this physical universe.” In the book of Acts: The ministry of Jesus was carried out through the Holy Spirit and then continued with the twelve apostles., The Seventy -Seven, and now all believers to continue the work. The book of Acts also known as the Acts of the apostles, Acts 1:2. and1:8.” (KJV). The King James Bible, In…

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