Essay on What Should You Say When Your Child?

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As I have grown older I have gained a greater appreciation for my own mother and commend her for raising three very confident and self-sufficient women. However, the confidence my own parents instilled is sometimes the thing that makes it difficult for me to be able to put myself in others shoes. As I read the excerpt, “What Should You Say When Your Child Tells You Someone Is Being Mean to Them?” I realized that the advice I have always given the same advice that always worked for me, does not help every situation. This book continues to be eye opening and at times a hard pill to swallow.
I understand that these chapter reviews are intended to be about the book, but the book continuously explains that we can’t always blame outside influences for children’s’ behavior and instead we must look in the mirror. It has only been two chapters but I now understand that my experiences as a teenage girl are irrelevant and I need to stop giving so much advice and try to listen to feelings more. I wasn’t picked on because no one could get a rise out of me, I simply didn’t care. If someone didn’t like me for how I dressed, talked, or my hobbies I didn’t change who I was to join their “clique”. Maybe it was my mother’s messages or maybe it was the influence of growing up with two older sisters, but I have learned that if I want to reach more girls I must try to be more sympathetic to what they may be feeling or going through.
Wiseman opens the second chapter with a statement in which I…

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