Essay about What Qualities Does A Master Driver

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What Qualities Does A Master Driver Have One of the greatest accomplishments in a teenager’s life is receiving their driver’s license. Obtaining a driver license gives a teenager freedom and a new found sense of independence because they are no longer at their parents’ mercy and can drive themselves to wherever they want without any restriction. However, becoming a skillful and master driver is so important, rather than just getting a driver 's license. A master driver is someone who is truly aware of the dangers associated with driving, and he or she knows how to handle them in an effective way. Every year, countless accidents occur by reckless drivers, which leads to many deaths. I believe everyone can become a master driver just by following basic driving rules. I will define a master driver who has four qualities: a master driver always obeys traffic rules, a master driver always cares about his safety and others, a master driver always wears a seat belt and ask others to do the same, and a master driver always scans his surroundings. First of all, in order to become a master drive an individual needs to obey all traffic rules and regulations. Most accidents occur because some drivers fail to recognize, respect, and obey some important traffic signs and road markings. There are important requirements to be a safe and responsible driver, and if a person constantly follows these important safety rules, he or she will eventually become a master and skillful driver. Making…

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