What Memories Does Smell Evoke For Me Essay

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What memories does smell evoke for me?
Imagine walking into a bakery: Breathe in the sweet, pleasant aroma of fresh pastries and cakes. Notice the neatly stacked cookies and how the worn wooden floors have been freshly mopped. The warm, welcoming room contrasts with the bitter cold just outside the door. Flash forward 20 years later. By now, the “Fresh Bread” sign has probably been forgotten, as well as the intricate display cake and the bell that clicked as the door opened. Most would likely have a vague recollection of how the bakery appeared but can still “smell” the apple pie baking at the back of the store. For me, appearances are hard to remember, but smells are something I never forget. Even a small whiff of a familiar scent can flood
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I would often nap on the back of my horse while he ate hay, my face buried in his mane. I learned to ride before I could crawl. I sat in the saddle in front of my mom, until eventually, I learned to sit up for myself. It was not too long after my sixth birthday that I boldly announced that I was going to ride on my own. Of course, my overconfidence led to the inevitable event of falling off for the first time. I quickly learned that the phrase “get back up on the horse” holds much meaning.
The following summer, I attended my first horse show. I entered the arena with a nervous grin and shaking hands, sure I was going to fall off. However, I came out with a trophy and a new-found confidence. If I would have quit, I would have never learned the rush of clearing a four-foot fence or the thrill of whizzing around the arena in speed events. I would have never learned to fall with grace and land softly.
That first show was only the beginning of a string of riding accomplishments. I spent the following summers practicing and continued to improve by leaps and bounds. My mom and I would spend hours at the barn training and hours on the road traveling from horse show to horse show. My hard work paid off as I started to make a name for myself at competitions across the midwest. My success peaked with a fourth place finish at Nationals in

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