Essay What Makes You Like A Bite?

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David stabbed a chunk of steak with his fork and popped it in his mouth chewing slowly and methodically, savoring the rich flavor of the meat and spices. It was a bit too rare and bloody for his liking but it was still an excellent steak.

It damn well should be, considering the price... he thought to himself as he swallowed. He raised his eyes, looking at the woman seated across from the table. She returned his look with a smile and took another bite of her lobster pasta dish.

"How is your steak? Is it good?" she asked. He nodded, returning her smile.

"Very good," he said. "Would you like a bite?"

She nodded and he stabbed a small square of meat holding the fork out to her. She leaned forward, teasingly wrapping her lips around the fork and moaning as she chewed, closing her eyes to fully enjoy the taste. She slowly opened them, her gaze holding his intently as she swallowed. He smiled at her actions, feeling his body respond to her silent invitation with enthusiasm. He squirmed slightly in his chair, trying to find a more comfortable position to the development. She smirked knowingly, enjoying his torment, and returned to eating her meal.

This was their anniversary dinner, celebrating 23 years of mostly happy marriage.Christine had been a good wife to him through the years, always loyal and supportive, even when she disagreed with him. They had their arguments, of course, that was an inevitable part of every marriage, but an argument between them was a rare thing.…

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