What Makes You Happy? Essay examples

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Merriam-Webster characterizes happiness in such a way that lends itself to feeling an unmistakable sense of accomplishment through success; moreover it is simply defined as the state of being happy. Accordingly, while money helps someone to attain an instant sense of gratification and success, it ultimately loses it’s authority when considering that happiness is often the simple equanimity felt by methods achieved other than through financially based means. The age-old question, what makes someone happy, has often been cogitated and consequently still leaves most wondering if it is best to focus mainly on pecuniary success in life to achieve absolute innermost happiness because while wealth and a successful career are undeniably both fundamental contributing factors, are they enough to make someone completely happy? A group of highly skilled professionals, spanning a widely diverse area of expertise offered studies on the subject of happiness searching for answers to the ostensibly simple question, what makes people happy and in the aftermath of those very studies, the answers slowly begin to expose themselves. Customarily, all of society shares a common aspiration, the desire to be happy and successful because social comparison, integrity, and family relations are fundamental when effecting happiness.

Primarily, money cannot buy someone happiness as bliss only truly comes from within one 's heart and soul, more often than not; one of the foremost referenced…

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