What Makes You An American? Essays

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What Makes You an American? What to you, does it mean to be an American? Is it as easy as being born in the Untied to states to consider yourself an actually American or is there more to it? In general, it is as easy as being born here or gaining citizenship, but overall it means so much than that. To be an American, it means to join together with a large nation ran by Democracy. This means that we the people, elect into office, those who we want and trust to help run our country. With America being as large as it is, we 've created a system of checks and balances; this helps prevent one single person from having too much power, while still allowing us Americans a say in the things happening in our nation. As American you have an obligation and privilege to be a part of the decision making that effects your daily life. With a government that includes the citizens of the United States, it opens up so many more doors allowing Americans to be provided more rights and freedoms. With that being said, you can be a citizen and not be very American, with the options and choices given, Americans should take full advantage of them because most countries aren 't as privileged as us. Three of the most important things that make us Americans are, the freedoms, the rights, and lastly the opportunities given to us; these are what make us United State citizens, Americans. Initially, a large part about being an American citizen is the freedoms you are…

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