What Makes The Matter With You Tonight? Essay

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"What is the matter with you tonight?" Arthur asked his servant as Merlin began to hurriedly step away after having filled Arthur 's goblet.

"What?" asked Merlin, in confusion. "I 'm doing everything right!" The servant had been very anxious since the beginning of the meal when he noticed how Uther kept looking over at him with frowns of disapproval. He decided that for once he had better try to act the perfect servant, and so far, at least to his knowledge, he had not slipped up.

Arthur chuckled. "That 's what I 'm talking about," he said. "I 'm not sure what to make of it. I keep waiting for the ceiling to fall in or something. It 's disconcerting."

"Ha ha…," said Merlin, but when he saw Uther again looking his way, he refused any further retort, snapped his lips together and stepped back to the wall quickly, adopting the disinterested gaze that seemed to come so naturally to the other servants.

Arthur shook his head in bemusement. Dinner was not nearly as entertaining with Merlin behaving like a proper servant.

Merlin let out a huge sigh of relief when Arthur decided to leave the Great Hall without waiting for the evening 's entertainment to completely come to an end. His back and shoulders were aching from staying so rigidly upright all evening. He hoped Arthur would not need to keep him too late, as he really wanted to get back to the physician 's chambers and see if Gaius had some sort of liniment he could use.

"Come on, Merlin," said the Prince who was by now…

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