What Makes Subnetting You Ask? Essay

989 Words Dec 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Has your network ever became too big and the performance begins to suffer due to excessive amount of traffic? If and when that happens, one of the ways to resolve the problem is by breaking the network into smaller pieces. There are several different ways for splitting the network, but one of the most effective techniques is called subnetting. What is subnetting you ask? Subnetting is a way of using a partition of a TCP/IP network and splitting it into more manageable pieces. They may be separated but they are still interconnected; that way it helps isolate the traffic to the subnet in which it comes from thus helping your network run better. Subnets have a beginning and an ending, and the beginning number is always even and the ending number is always odd. You are not allowed to use the beginning number which is the “Network ID” or the ending number which is the “Broadcast ID” because they both have special meanings and purposes. The Network ID is the official designation for the particular subnet and the ending number is the Broadcast address that every device on a subnet listens to. The Network ID defines the subnets size and when you want send data to everyone on the subnet ie a multicast, you send it to the Broadcast ID. So let’s say you want to better manage your companies network traffic, its best to plan out what should be subnetted first. If you just start creating random subnets you could do more harm than good. Networks are commonly subnetted according to…

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