What Makes Love? Is It An Emotion? Essay

1008 Words Mar 10th, 2015 5 Pages
What is love? Is it an emotion? Is it an action? What effects does love have when you lose someone? Love is a moment when you just can’t go without someone or something, love is the moment when you are willing to give up everything you worked so hard for just to have that someone or something. Yes, this wonderful passionate feeling can be used and showed in various ways. Love can have spiritual meaning, can drive you crazy. Love can be defined as something that can as something you, look forward to in life, but then again it can be defined as something that can ruin your life. Everyone wants love because they think without love they will be lost and confused in the world. Even if someone seems like they’re heartless with no care in the world about someone or something, they still have a soft spot for someone they care or cared for deeply. It’s hard to feel the same love as everyone else because everyone loves in their own way. Love means to do well by every living and non-living thing it comes by, but it takes time to love and to show it. Love is all over world and it may seem like forever to find, but love is always waiting. No matter what you’re going to stand be4hind what you believe in. everybody stands strong when it comes to their religion. Love comes in because you’re passionate in what you practice. Your compassion for what you believe in will be strong and nothing can change your mind about it. Whether it’s Christian, Muslim, Buddhism, Rastafarian, or even a…

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