What Makes For A Good Read? Essay

826 Words Nov 15th, 2016 4 Pages
You walk out of the movie theater frustrated that the film did not feature an important scene that made a difference to the entire plot that was in the book. Most books that are turned into movies do not adapt the entire text to film. Books are better than movies since books fuel imagination while the time spent reading connects you to the characters compared to movies where details, scenes or events are lost. What makes for a good read; what really pulled you in? While it could have been your favorite genre or the ongoing plot, it probably was the imagery created from the author’s words that kept you reading for more. Authors have a way with words that set the mood, plot, tone, etc. The amount of detail put into a character or setting is so that the reader can picture it as they read which allows room for imagination. The words give a basis for the reader’s creativity. As you delve into a magical world, there is a great amount of detail helps you picture the setting and characters. With words there are no limits, but movies can only relay so much to the screen. On Scholastic.com Addie Albano writes that, “The big screen rarely captures the wonder of the written word” (Albano). Actors and actresses are limited as to what can be done on screen mainly for science fiction movies. All of the creative pictures you had while reading are replaced with alternative versions for the film. So, why keep your mind limited with scenarios played out in front of you while your…

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