Narrative Essay About Christmas Dinner

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I hate ham. And what make christmas dinner different than any other night. Ham. And I despise ham. I also despise Aunt dorothy 's boxed cheesy potatoes that made me stomach turn. Cheese is not meant to be on potatoes even if they are from the box. Every time we went over I knew I would be filling up jello jigglers and fruit, but I would take a bit of both and force feed myself.

With a black garbage bag over his shoulder, and his pants drooping past his waist, I could tell that he wasn’t the real santa claus. He stumbled down the stairs, nearly knocking over my uncle 's christmas tree, as he entered the cramped living room.

My parents didn’t tell my brother and I that “Santa Claus” would be at the Wise’s christmas party. If they had, I would
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She looked over at me and asked, “what did you get for christmas?”

Had the cocktails gotten to her that quickly? Had she been oblivious to the events that had transpired?

“I don’t know. I haven’t gotten any presents yet” I tried to sound like I didn’t care.

The next day we would went to the Bauer’s, my mother 's side of the family, and I prepared myself not receive presents there either. There was of course presents. I took my presents smiling weakly. I sat next to John as he opened more presents. I opened mine slowly wondering why John had presents too. I was confused why he had gotten more then me.

But then I realized that Not getting a present affected me, so much because my parents were always so fair with my brother and I. My parents had explained that it wasn’t me. It just happened that josh and janel were john’s godparents, otherwise his lap would have been as barren as mine. I also realized that some people like my godparents, were more generous. They always made sure that if I got something, John got something. Now I always think about how my actions affect others, because I know how it feels to be forgotten. So as much hurt to not receive a present that christmas, i learned lesson in empathy. I gave a grateful

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