What Makes An Identity? Essay

849 Words Nov 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Many people define themselves based on what they do or are a part of. For some, their identity comes from the sport they play. Others may use academics to describe who they are. In a way, I believe they are right using those things to help create an identity for themselves, but I think it’s more than just one group that makes any who they are. Everything we do, or have done, was essential in creating who we become. Whether its good or bad, an important part in understanding who we are comes from identifying us as a whole. Without certain components we cannot truly describe our identity.
A large part of defining myself comes from my family. They are without a doubt, the biggest and most important thing in my life from the start until the present. I’m a middle child, second only to my older sister, with a different dad then my two younger siblings, but both of our dad’s left. My mom was busy making money to support our family and my older sister was still in her teen years so much of her time was spent out of the house. None of my immediate family stuck close after the death of my grandma, so support from them almost never came. Being the older boy in the household gave me the role as “Dad” most of the time. I was in charge of making sure the chores were done, checking homework assignments for completion, signing binders and permission slips, packing school lunches, taking the kids to play, and all that other good stuff that a dad has to do. It never really bothered me. That…

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