What Makes A Teacher? Essay

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Teaching is a profession that requires many special qualities. Teaching requires compassion, determination, and the willingness to be a life long learner. These qualities are imperative in the field of teaching. I want to become a teacher because I feel every child deserves a quality education. A teacher’s job is not only to teach content but the ability to connect with each student as an individual learner and person. Building community within our classrooms helps each student feel valued. I want to touch the lives of others in the great ways that mine has been touched through exceptional educators.
I want to become a teacher in order to better Horry County schools. Growing up in this area I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. We have some really great teachers but they need help getting across to the low-income students, and the minority groups. Currently in Horry County all students are getting a device called a tablet. We spend millions of dollars on this technology. What good is it if students cannot build a relationship with their teacher? My high school experience was much like creating a second family of my own. I had teachers that I thought of as my second mom. I want to carry out that feeling of love through out each school and better the future generations. I personally want to make a change and I am ready to support, love, and teach as many kids as I can. Mrs. Wiley, my teacher cadet instructor, inspired me to pursue the teaching profession. She showed…

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