Essay on What Makes A Piece Of Satire?

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If you were fortunate enough to make it into Mrs. Blacks Honors 10th Grade English class, then I advise you pay very close attention. Sometime this year, you will be assigned an essay that requires you to write a piece of satire. You don’t know what satire is? Good, that means you still have time. Listen closely, Mrs. Black is going to set you up for a trap. She will assign you a research paper, seeming to give you plenty of time on it. But, being the foolish high schooler that you are, you’re going to wait until the very last weekend to do it. And that’s when she hits you, with a second essay. The Satire Essay, or as I like to call it, Let’s Ruin Winter Break. If you wish to survive this grade-crushing phenomenon, then follow my instructions very closely.

The first essay that I mentioned earlier is about historical examples of culture. You will be given several days for research, but who’s really going to do research on those days? Especially because Mrs. Black was so generous to give you class time to work on it! Time in class? That 's unheard of! So of course everyone’s going to waste it looking at funny cat videos, playing games, listening to music, and overall avoiding all possible work. They can just do it at home, right? Wrong. Don’t fall into that trap. Take advantage of every minute, every second that Mrs. Black gives you. Research the entire internet, then write the best college-level essay in all history of the world, so great that you leave modern professor 's…

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