Essay on What Makes A Means End Chain Model

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3.2. Motivations
It is said that “Customers don’t buy features; customers buy benefits” (Graham, 2010, p.146). From consumer’s perspective, the benefits are often not an end but a means to achieving a desired end state. Given that, marketers try to understand why consumers do what they do in order to successfully launch the marketing strategy. The table below is the motivation and value analysis which represents a means-end chain model and gives an insight of consumer’s desired end state/ goal.
Attributes Benefits/ Disadvantages Value end states
Appearance Becoming more fashionable Self-esteem
Appearance Receiving compliments from others Acceptance by others
Stability Feeling comfortable when walking or running Pleasure
Stability Supporting feet to move easily Self-confident
Lightweight Running faster Accomplishment
Price Saving money Financial Security
Source Appendix 2
The table above link between attributes and value end states through benefits. It is apparent from the table that T focused on being fashionable since she strongly believed that it would bring her self-esteem. In addition, wearing an attractive shoes would help T receive compliments from others; therefore she would feel acceptable from society. Furthermore, it is obvious that a stable shoes would enhance the consumer’s pleasure and self-confidence since it support her feet move easily and feel comfortable. Besides, a lightweight running shoes would help T run faster which as a result, stimulated her…

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