Essay on What Makes A Leadership?

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Question 1: What is Leadership?
Leadership is thought as a trait. People can bring different ideas and everyone has different qualities that they can bring to the group. Some people are born naturally with the ability to lead. This is not the case for all leaders though. Others will develop their leadership through hard work and practice.
My definition of leadership has not really changed throughout the course but I have extend it by adding how leadership can grow by knowing and using your strengths. By using the Strengths Philosophy you can find out what your strengths are and taking one of your strengths, usually the strongest one, and focusing on it. By focusing on just one of your strengths you can make it stronger and it will benefit you better. I would say how you lead or show your leadership is based on your strengths. Too add my definition of leadership I think you need to know and understand your personality and your preferences. If you don’t know what you want to do or what your stance is on something how are you supposed to lead a group? We took the Meyers- Briggs Inventory to discover what our preferences are. I think the reason we learned about this in class is because then we know what our personality type is. Knowing our personality type allows us to discover what type of leaders we are and how we might lead. I think by knowing my personality it will help me exercise leadership. This report tells me that the way I make decisions is through thinking not…

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