What Makes A Healthy Diet? Essays

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What is the most important in your life? That is healthy. So learning how to eat healthy is one of the most important things to achieve everyone’s goal. We normally be advised to follow a healthy diet if you want a good and healthy for your body. However, what is a healthy diet? It was so disturbed by a lot of people. Nowadays many scientists have shown many research about eating healthy. Meat-eaters and vegetarians are becoming a popular augment topic in our society. We usually eat 3 times a day, and at least one meal we consume meat. It is so normal because everyone use it to survive. Meat is the good source of protein for our body. So eating meat is good for our body. However, people don’t realize the risk of meat. Beside of proving protein in human body, meat also has saturated fat, cholesterol, and chronic diseases, so on. As a result, eating too much meat, especially red meat, can cause many health problem such as heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, so on. Nowadays, the amount of people becoming vegetarians is growing. What is vegetarians? In general, a vegan diet consumes all plant-base products and avoids all the animal products. However, there are many different kinds of vegan. Ovo-lacto vegetarian can includes milk and eggs in their diet. Some vegetarians can eats fish and poultry but no red meat. Most of the methods of fasting are derived from religion. That is why in the world there are many different parties of vegetarian based foods are used. Most schools allow…

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