What Makes A Good Parent? Essay

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Being a parent can be one of the hardest and scariest jobs in someone’s life. Which a child is bough into this world, they don’t come with instructions or a handbook the parents have to learn thru instinct. However what makes a good parent? A good parent it’s that one that shows love and affection to the child, pays attention to their emotional and physical needs, it’s a good listener, it’s a friend, and the child’s own personal motivator.
The main characteristic that shows the person is a good parent is when they show love & affection. A child always need to feel loved, a child should never feel unwanted. Love doesn’t have to be shown thru gifts, the love can be shown by a gentle cuddle, a hug, a kiss, even a simple smile. Being there for the child it’s a must, when a child sees their parents spending quality time with them they feel special, love and wanted. Occasionally a little encouragement and the simple words of “I love you”, means a lot to a child. There’s no better feeling in this world than knowing you made your child proud of having you as their parent.
Secondly there is the characteristic of paying attention to the needs of the child. Parents need to value the time spend with their child and always be attentive to the child lives. A good parent it’s the one that’s motivated to work hard every day just so their child has a better life, and has all their needs met. The child has a roof over their head; they have meals, and clothing. Occasionally there people that…

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