Essay about What Makes A Good Or Bad Leader?

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When I was younger I was a very introverted kid. I had problems talking to others and preferred to keep to myself. Back then I felt much more comfortable following instructions than doing something I was not certain of the outcome. Even today I still have problems with taking risk, but my perspective of what I wanted to do changed when I was given a chance to be a leader. When I was in high school I decided to join the MCJROTC program. It was there that I was giving my first chance to be a leader. ROTC put me in a spot where I was responsible for other people and how they would improve within our own system. It was also in ROTC that I learned about leadership as an art and a process that could be learned rather than just a trait, and I think that it is important that we teach children what it means to be a leader and what makes a good or bad leader. If people learn about leadership and what makes a good or bad leader, they can further understand the decisions that people in power make. They will also be able to can critique their decisions properly without making assumption based on their own personal beliefs and think about the larger picture. So what is a leader? How would someone define leadership? I like the definition that I learned in ROTC. Leadership is the art of influencing others. This definition is leadership contains every aspect of leading. From an influential speaker to friends and family, everyone has an impact on one another and it is important to…

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