Essay about What Makes A Good Job

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Out of all of the writing that Harrison puts on the pages of her book, the part that interests me a lot is when she talks about leadership. When people think of leadership, they traditionally think about people who have position of power to say what is right for their followers to do and what is not. Harrison does a good job telling how true leadership should be. Following the example of the leadership in the Holy trinity, we can find that it includes respect, humility and equality. There are many aspects where this enlightenment can be applied in the world today. If I was asked what the single most confusing concept is in my knowledge, I would say the Holy Trinity. To me it doesn’t stir up confusion like those who are confused due to believing that it is farfetched and could not ever be true. To me it is so, because of the power that the three display when they are considered one being. In a theological standpoint, we are taught this, but especially for me I have a hard time figuring out how the three parts of the trinity intertwine into one being but are also individual in their own respect. I was able to learn up my thoughts on this dilemma when reading the part in Harrison’s book where she talks about the Holy trinity and the leadership there. This section is titled “leadership among equals”. When the tile was first read, I couldn’t think of where she was going to go with this. After all in the world most of the leadership that is seen is viewed with the abused power…

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