What Makes A Good For Philosophy? Essay

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In his introduction to Book I. OF THE UNDERSTANDING, Hume notes that it is not unusual for people who believe they have discovered something new in Philosophy to do so at the expense of those who have gone before them. The problem is that if they would be satisfied at that, they would be able to find those that agree. On the other side of that is that anyone with any kind of knowledge would be able to see right through them. Sadly even the most preeminent philosophers have fallen prey to this and that is not good for Philosophy. I personally find that the predilection to take the easy road on the backs of those who came before you, is not unique to Philosophers, but to the human race as a whole.

He states that it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what is wrong with the present system of scientific method. There is nothing that learned men of differing opinions will not argue about, even the most basic questions do not escape their sight and even the largest most important decisions, and we cannot come to a consensus. Even the most intelligently challenged individual can figure out what is wrong because of all the arguing that goes on. Differences of opinion are multiplied as if nothing was known and they are handled as if everything was. The problem is that reason is not what wins the day but eloquence. The person that can most elegantly present his hypothesis will have his thoughts proclaimed correct.

Even scholars hesitate to prescribe metaphysical reasoning to the…

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