What Makes A Good Best Friend? Essay

871 Words Oct 31st, 2016 4 Pages
We all have one person, when we think about them we can’t help ourselves from smiling. When someone says “your other half” we all think about one specific person in our lives. So, who is this person? Who is our other half? Our reason for smiling for no reason? More than likely it is a person that we call a best friend. A best friend is always there and knows you better than anyone else. What makes your best friend so special? Why can’t any random person just be your best friend? Best friends can be hard to find, but having one is incredible. Being a good best friend requires being honest, loyal, dependable, supportive, a good listener and being able to have fun. It sounds like a lot, but it is something that should come natural. None of the traits are any more important than the other; without them it might be hard to be a good best friend.
Being honest can be hard. If a girl likes an outfit, but they try it on and it just doesn’t look right, would a good friend say it does look good so no one’s feelings get hurt, or be honest? In a situation like this it might depend on how close the two people are, but I feel it is best to be honest about the outfit. If I looked bad, I would hope someone would tell me so I don’t embarrass myself in the future. Honesty is a necessity in friendship. It might be hard sometimes to be honest depending on the situation, but it is better to have a real relationship based on truth, then it is to have a fake one made on lies.

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