Essay on What Makes A Good Asset?

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What is morale? That is a very common question asked by people no matter what age. When describing what morale’s are we go into depth about how people feel about the company they work for, the employers they work under, the task they are set to accomplish, and the main thing is the behaviour and attitude tied to those different feelings.
It’s important for employers to be able to take care of their work force and foster high morale so that they will be able to keep their organizations running smoothly without many bumps along the way. Morale is thought to be the spirit behind an organization, and the spirit can either manifest in a positive or negative way among employees and the entire departments. A company’s greatest asset to be considered would most definitely have to be their employees, without employees, organizations would not be able to implement their strategic plans or economic growth.
Having low morale within an organization can take a serious toll on the employees that are working within the company, as it can affect both the performance and productivity of the worker, and that can cause a chain reaction for it can affect the others if there is a problem. If this is a continuous chain of events within the company this can cause employees to become more of a pest as they would become less motivated to work, non-committal to other employees and the employer, and a terrible attitude exhibited which comes across really harsh. The consequence of low morale will result…

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