What Makes A Girl Named Grace? Essay

729 Words Apr 19th, 2016 3 Pages
Once there was a girl named Grace, who came from a very poor Christian family. It was hard for her family to get the basic needs such as food, clean water to drink or bath, payment for rent, and clothes. Life was hard for them, but still her parents continue to pray and believe that God will provide for them. Grace gave up on believing that God will change their life because they have been while praying for life change and nothing have happened. She wanted to be like other people so much, her mother noticed that wanted something that much will make her do something that she will regret later. So her mother talked to her and said that she need wait on God. The way her mother believed that God will answer their prayers made Grace to start praying and believing. Also she practice not to feel sorry for her lifestyle, but smile and goes with the flow. At her school, she has never studied, but was among the smartest students, she had many friends and enemies, the enemies were fellow peers who did not like her or were jealousy of her, she was a person who respected her elders and her fellow peers. In her town she was a person who always tries to help others in any way she can without choosing because there was a big separation between the people who are rich and poor. As times goes by, her family saw God working in their life, meaning they started getting the basic needs and when grace finish her secondary school she got an opportunity to go and study university in America.

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