I Am Writing On The Eve Of My 45th Birthday

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I am writing to you on the eve of my 45th birthday. I have been struggling with my values and spirituality lately. Maybe it has something to do with this milestone birthday. Ironically, I have a homework assignment to write my ethical will. A document to pass along key morals, values and life lessons.
Grandma always told me that God hears the prayers that live in your heart, both the joys and struggles. And He answers them, you just have to listen. She also told me that struggles are life’s greatest teacher. Perhaps this lesson will give me peace of mind, and give you the best of me.
Here goes!
There isn’t one single value, moral or lesson that will serve or guide you!
It is a combination and collection of values, morals and lessons that weave throughout your life that will serve and guide you.
Values are demonstrated through your words, actions and inactions. At some point, your morals and integrity will be questioned. Your values will be your defense. Practice them daily.
Do the right thing even when no one is looking. You will sleep better at night. You will have quiet confidence. You won’t need to seek approval or acceptance from others. It is liberating and life affirming.
Find your passion and your balance, and use them wisely. Balance your emotions with logic and your logic with emotions. This won’t guarantee that you will always make the right or best decision, but you will know in your heart and mind that you did your best.
Corny as it sounds,

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