Essay What Makes A Conflict?

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There are currently 67 countries and 729 different guerilla, rebel, drug and terrorist organizations currently in conflict throughout the world and over 40 nations campaigning for independence ("Wars In The World"). Without a doubt, every group involved in these conflicts would argue that their side is fighting a just battle against tyranny. However, no two conflicting sides can be correct; one side must be right and the other wrong to some degree. The leaders of a given group are often the ones left to determine the different terms for what makes a cause just leaving the individuals who actually fight the wars without a say in the matter, leaving them simply to fight for their nation’s cause. There is notably much ambiguity when it comes to questioning which side is just in a battle when both sides are claiming to be correct. Because of the many circumstances that surround what makes a conflict just, it is important that each individual citizen take it upon themselves to determine what is just for their society. While it is the citizen’s civic duty to maintain and defend one’s nation at all cost, it is important that each citizen knows what he or she is fighting for so that justice can prevail.
Civic duty is defined as being the duty that citizens perform in an effort to improve or maintain their society. Civic duties range from picking up trash that is seen on the floor to actively participating in the government. The duties performed by the citizens are what keep a…

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