Circle Of Conflict Analysis

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Conflicts are very common in the business world. Furlong (2005) stated that the circle of conflict helps to diagnose and list the causes of your conflict situation using the five drivers; Values, relationships,moods/external, data, and structure. The challenge is getting to the solution. In the company I currently work, my store had a problem with meeting the company objectives as it pertains to out-of-stocks. One of the biggest offenders was the grocery department. We had over 800 plus out-of-stock in the grocery department alone. I decided to have a conversation with my grocery manager to figure out the problem. During the meeting, I open the floor to see what was the obstacle he was up against to get the job done. After him stating the …show more content…
Furlong (2005) stated that the triangle is an elegant and simple model that can be used at many levels, both at the surface with just Results type interest, or much deeper through Process and Psychological interest. The process was for grocery manager to come up with a plan and present it to his team on how the department will get to the company expectations. The psychological interest was the time it takes to get the department up to standards. We estimated it to take about two weeks. The result is the finished product/ the end result. By the end of the two weeks, the department had made great improvements but still not where it needs to …show more content…
With 24 years of being with the company, I figured that the grocery manager would fix the department before management had to put pressure on the situation. After using the triangle of satisfaction, it made it simple and obtainable to reach the goal that the company is expecting. CPP Inc. (2008) stated that the primary causes of workplace conflict are seen as personality clashes and warring egos (49%), followed by stress (34%) and heavy workloads (33%). Part of the reason why the grocery manager could not be successful is because of his warring ego. He had too much pride to ask for help to fix the department. He tried to take the heavy load and put everything on himself to handle instead of delegation it out to his team. In hindsight, I felt that the triangle of satisfaction was the proper way to present the

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