What Makes A Bad Experience? Essay

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Throughout life, a shift in direction occurs more frequently than one would anticipate. Change in life can either be negative or positive. Among the journey of life, a bad experience may be disguised as a blessing. The negative experience’s can be compared to planting a seed, only to blossom into a beautiful flower. Wisdom comes when one sees the positives through a negative situation. Personally, my life has been through legions of negative change the past four years, shaping me into an individual who will achieve success.
Freshmen year, 2011, I entered Bishop Hendricken High School. Being a 14 year-old football star, I thought I knew everything. On my second day of freshmen year, the principal walked up to me during lunch and told me to shave my face. My attitude getting the best of me, I replied, “ You have to shave your nuts.” I did not receive punishment for this, but on only the second day of school, I was already labeled as a delinquent. From that day foreword, every mistake I made had consequences, which were amplified, the worst of them being my getting permanently kicked out of my theology class. This event repelled Hendricken from inviting me the following year. The news of getting kicked out of Hendricken was a grief on my mother. Looking back I would change my actions to save my mother the insecurity of not knowing where I would end up next. The reality of having to change schools with a grade point average of 2 was stressful. Feeling that no other private…

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