People Who Changed America

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In turkey people say “No matter how far you have gone on the wrong road, turn back”, in other words no matter how bad your life is you can turn it around. It’s true you can turn your life around. There have been many people, books, and events that show anyone can turn their life around. No matter how bad it gets you can always make it better, you have to make the change though. You can’t just sit and wait for good things to happen you have to make them happen.
There are many people who have turned their life around but one person who is more famous than others is Marshall Mathers or Eminem. He is a very successful person in what he does and inspires people every day “He lived in poverty as a child raised by his mother” (Brennan). Although Marshall
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One horrific event that changed America was 9/11. “Shortly after take off, each of the four airplanes were hijacked by groups of assailants armed with crude, sharp objects that had gone undetected by security systems on the ground ”(Pritchard). Americans were destroyed when the towers went down thousand killed and injured, as well as the fact that every thing went through the world trade center. As a nation we become closed off from the rest of the world and we became more strict. “The September 11 attacks immersed the United states into new era of international relations in which the conventional rules of diplomacy and military engagement no longer exclusively applied”(Pritchard). Americans could never trust again from these events which shook america, we closed off other countries we didn't know what to do at first. America eventually decided that we wanted to eliminate the terrorist responsible. “Tragically, during the weeks following the attacks, incidence of harassment and hate crimes against Muslims,Sikhs and people of the middle eastern heritage residing in the U.S humoured in the hundreds even resulted in one death”(Pritchard). We began to hurt people even though it wasn't their fault because we just wanted someone to blame, we have come a long way since then and America is doing much better and we definitely turn things around for the better. 9/11 was a horrible tragedy i wish we could have prevented but maybe its for the best that it happened even though it resulted in much loss it helped us turn the nation around and make it

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