American Civil War Was A Turning Point In American History

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Technology and the Civil War

A brief explanation on how the Civil War was a turning point in American history.

Throughout the span of time, there have been countless events that would count as turning points in history. However, what if we just look at America’s history itself, how many turning points can you think of that were actually significant to America? There are countless significant events that have happened here in America. Nevertheless, one of these particular events sticks out in my mind clearly. What is this specific incident? Well, it’s none other than the Civil War and the technology of that time period. Yes, the great American Civil War, the only physical war that pitted Americans against Americans. You are probably
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As previously stated, the Civil War pushed for tons of advancements in some very important technologies. Often times, these technologies, themselves, were very significant turning points in American history. However, what are some other reasons that the Civil War was a turning point? Well, the Civil War was an important event historically, because it let us see the true issues that the nation was having at the time. By finally addressing some of these issues, America as a whole, was eventually able to push past them and grow in many valuable ways. The Civil War also, sort of, led to the election of Abraham Lincoln. Who was possibly the greatest president ever, in the United States. The election of Lincoln was a turning point because not only did Lincoln help with abolitionist movements, but he also did many other great and influential things. Another thing that the Civil War did, in terms of turning points, was that it helped to recognize or sort out differences between the North and South, both economically and socially. Because of this, it eventually helped clarify or fix states versus federal rights. The last reason on how the Civil War was a turning point is because it showed America losing. America had never really lost a war...we “quit” in Vietnam, but to really lose, like the French did when getting overrun by the Germans in WWII, was something beyond common understanding. When the South lost the war, American homes and cities were being burned down, subjugated to military rule, reduced to abject poverty, all of these things were a part of losing. This is a lesson that very important in terms of America as whole. This act of losing was almost a turning point in itself because it changed the view that American’s had of themselves and their country also

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