What Kinds Of Skills Should College Students Have Before They Apply For A Job

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What kinds of skills should college students have before they apply for a job
There has been noted shift in the preferences of employers in regards to skills that college students should poses as they enter into the job market. Employers today have higher preference for prospective employees, who are usually college graduates, with soft skills compared to those with hard skills. Soft skills have been rated to have impact on the performance of an employee in the work environment. Statistical data by various researchers indicates that employee’s success is dependent on hard skills to a scale of 15 %, while the larger 85% is dependent on soft skills of an employee (Adams, 2014). Soft skills are the abilities of an employee which enable them to discharge their duties effectively. The capabilities assist employees to adjust to the varying work conditions in terms of skills needed, commitment and sacrifice. The skills are also referred to as interpersonal skills and deals with emotional intelligence of the employers. Normally, it comprises the totality of traits, social considerations, the ability to communicate effectively as well as the positive, habits and language.The various soft skills that college students should cultivate as they prepare to enter the job. As a soft skill, it implies as students ability to cooperate with others in matters that require group efforts. Being collaborative is important as it helps in enhancing teamwork efforts while working on allocated tasks…

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