What Job Is The Job For A Health Care For The Past Year Or So?

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Internists I have chosen to research an internist for several reasons. One of the reasons I chose to do so is the fact the job includes the use of science. I have taken an interest in having a job in health care for the past year or so. This career could be a challenge, but what is more exciting than a challenge? After researching the career of an internist, I have decided to pursue it. Internists are required to do several tasks, daily. Often, they will examine patients to find the location of a health problem. Internists must be able to order lab tests and analyze data for their patient’s health. For this occupation, people must be well organized and have the ability to keep detailed records. Sometimes, internists will have to perform an operation on a patient to remove a diseased/infected area. Finally, an internist needs to be able to give orders to nurses and other health care workers (“Task List” 1). I believe I would be able to handle the everyday tasks of an internist. I analyze data well, and giving orders would be easy since I’m self-confident. The things I would struggle with most are if I were to misdiagnose my patient, or if they were to die. There are several of jobs an internist carries out. A very important thing an internist must do is document and record information. They must also be able to think creatively in order to effectively come up with a diagnosis. Since internists do a lot, they must be able to strategize and set goals. Using…

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