What Is The Value Of A Human Life? Essay

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What is the value of a human life? Is it how long you live, what you accomplish during your lifetime, things you acquire? The ethics and moral reasoning behind the simple question does wealth equate to happiness? This has been asked many times and the debate from both sides has great points and emphasis, but I would like to talk about those who seem to be thrown on the back burner the needy. Now if you were to hear the word needy many different categories come to mind homeless, unemployed, sick, and the underprivileged. Each sector is different in terms of the needs and what is asked to help them: however they stand together in regards to some type o assistance to help them attain and maintain simple everyday tasks in their lives. In terms of helping the needy who does the responsibility fall upon to be the advocates to help their needs met. This is where the conversation gets a little hazy because nobody really wants to deal with them and, those that do deal have limited resources at their disposal to even make a significant difference. In society today we see all these reality shows about how the rich and privileged live and flaunt their immaculate life styles around on television. Yes they may have a fundraiser for a charity, but I question the motives that surround such efforts. Should these people be required to give to those with less I think that in a sense if you have been blessed with a surplus you should morally want to help those who do not on the simplest of…

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