What Is The Real Meaning Of Friendship? Essay

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What is the real meaning of friendship? What is a true friendship? One that lasts a lifetime? It is a relationship of mutual trust, respect and admiration? Though there are many different friendships that people have between each other, most can be considered through true friends, convenient friends, old friends, and special interest friends. According to Merriam Webster, “friendship” is defined as “the state of being friends: the relationship between friends”. The second definition is “a friendly feeling or attitude: kindness or help given to someone”. The Merriam Webster definition for friendship should not be listed as this for friendship. Friendship should be defined as someone to comfort you when you are going through hard times, who loves you, will never betray you, and someone to tell you the harsh truth when needed.
The most important aspect of friendship is the person that you tell everything to. They know your deepest secrets, and you know theirs too. As friends we all make sacrifices for each other. If you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, husband, or wife, usually these are the ones that you talk to the most. From talking and being around each other, you do not realize that you are becoming closer over time by expressing your feelings and becoming soon to be best friends. Everyone has a best true friend, even if it might be a person or an animal. Sometimes your friend might not always like or agree with what their friends have to say, but since there is a…

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