Racial Celeberties

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When we look upon ourselves we think of two things who we are and were we came from this just a normal way that humankind has always thought of themselves.
Firstly they ask who they are as if there very exsitence may not be valid even though there right in front of you flesh and bone. Everyone has a purpose in life but believe that if they dont do anything remarkable that stands out that there mere life is just that nothing. We as homosapiens believe in a convaluded way of reasoning and since the dawn of time imiagine that without this one remarkable accomplishment our sense of purpose has not been fulfilled. We look upon the celeberties on tv like their the 21th century couterparts of the romans who believe in a multitude of gods with the leader being zues of course this being a fictionalized tale but the idea remaning the same. We as inhabitants of earth believe that the worth of a person is that of their fame and wealth.
Only then do we break down the racial ties that bound us for a overwhelming amount of time. The differences of race color and ethinicity may not be as atrocious this day and age but the racial wall has been up for a time Now we have are first black preisdent 30 years ago this was inconcivible, In this era celeberties are a diffent array of race and color. We say if they can do something so wonderful maybe i can to this brings
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After two years of college and graduating top of my class as valevictorian from a criminal science degreee i finally was able to become my lifelong goal of being a private eye so with my father pulling some

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