Nursing Leadership Theories: Effective Leadership

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Effective Leadership

Leaders are very important in any organization, but it depends on their leadership style that makes them effective leaders or not. There are many theories about leadership styles and how their implementation influence organizations and their staff. I consider that the best two leadership styles that identify effective nurse leaders and have been beneficial for both, staff and organizations are the Behavioral and the Path-Goal leadership styles. I feel identify with the style of these two theories and their theory agree with my way of thinking about leadership and the way I relate to others. Evaluating myself on them will be beneficial for my career and will give me a clear view in what I need to improve as a person and
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The directive leadership style set standards of performance and rules, and gives clear instructions of tasks, how to complete them, expectations and the timeframe. The supportive leader style concentrates on the relationship that leaders have with followers, on being friendly and approachable leaders, making the workplace pleasant. The participative leadership style encourages followers in the decision making, considers and integrates their ideas and suggestions. The achievement-oriented style challenge staff to performed at a higher level and pursue for continuous improvement (Northouse, 2016, p …show more content…
By applying the self-assessment questioner of these two theories, I realized that I’m a more people oriented leader than a task oriented and that on the four different styles of the Path-Goal leadership styles, I’m an average directive, supportive and achievement-oriented leader that behave less participative than other leaders. I concluded that my strengths are to be a task and people oriented leader, and to have a directive, supportive and achievement oriented style of leadership, but that I need to work on being a more participative leader. Also, on the five modes of conflict resolution, I tend to use less the Competing approach and to use most the Collaborating approach. To be and effective leader I need to find the perfect balance between being a task oriented and people oriented leader and I also need to apply the competitive leadership style more often in order to grow as leader for the benefit of the followers and the

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