What Is The Parable Of The Kingdom Of God?

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In Mark 4:3-8, Jesus teaches in a parable about the kingdom of God. Jesus’ teaching of a sower going out to sow and having seeds fall into different environments and bearing no grain or a vast amount of grain due to its environment. This parable relates to people, as Jesus explains to his disciples in Mark 4:14-20, about how there are different ways of accepting God 's word just like the sower having different ways to plant his seeds. Each person will produce different amounts of fruit based on their environment. The seed is the word of God and the people who hear the word and fully accepts it will bear fruit. While people who hear the message and loses interest, or who is wrap in material goods will not bear any fruit. In this setting, Jesus is a teacher that his followers look up to, but his followers do not get it. From his parable, it shows there isn’t an easy way for a person reach the kingdom of God. A person …show more content…
This seems to be Jesus’ message in the Gospel of Mark as well. In Mark 4:11, the disciples have the knowledge about the kingdom of God but the followers do not. It suggests the kingdom of God has come to them in the form of Jesus. His followers know him as a prophet, Elijah but not a Messiah (8:28). His followers will witness what his words and action will indicate about what the kingdom of God is about. They will also learn what it means to be called the Son of God through Jesus. In Mark 10:45, Jesus was to serve and give his life up for others and that was to be called the Son of Man. When Jesus foreshadows his death, he would be betrayed by human hands to serve his cause (9:31). Powell states Mark’s Gospel was to illustrate Jesus giving up his life on the cross for sins. The hardship endured and teachings of God by Jesus is present in passages throughout Mark. We see this with his miracles, feeding of the four and five thousand and him dying on the cross

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