Mbti Reflection Report

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I will admit, I have done the MBTI test a couple of times before, so am already somewhat familiar with it. This makes it a little more challenging to work through Professor Sarkee’s process; trying to work out what I believe my MBTI preferences are as I see them. So, I decided to work through the process with an unbiased view, especially because I was interested to see if my personality has slightly evolved after recent life changes and experiences.
My result is ENFJ, although I was rather torn between the first letter being an E or I. People would probably presume that I am very confident and have a somewhat extrovert personality, just because of my long career on stage, and because I tend to easily make friends with anyone. Although I have confidently sung in front of crowds of up to 45,000 people, I am actually not at all confident in talking in front of people – not even a very small group! There are some traits of introversion that I agree with, such as seeking quiet for
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This is probably the one letter that I feel very confident when working it out. I always put the feelings and happiness of others first, and this actually is what brings me great happiness. I can be seen as a bit too patient, a bit too forgiving, and give too much of my time to people who perhaps do not fully appreciate it, but the one thing that makes me very happy in life is helping others. I also seek positivity and try to surround myself with likeminded people – if someone is not happy, I try and pick up their spirits and make them feel better. I also never argue in personal or work relationships – I love harmony – however, the older I get, the more I realize this is not necessarily the best thing for my own situation – not saying what you think (especially if that differs in opinion from someone else) can build up frustration. I also like to think that one of my best traits is showing empathy, so F is the perfect choice for

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