The Issue Of Illegal Immigration

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The United States deals with the issue of illegal immigration on a daily basis, especially in the states such as Arizona. Nearly half of all border crossings occur on the border between Arizona and Mexico (“Immigration Issues”). Many argue that they are helping the country by taking low-wage jobs such as produce picking which keep Americans feed. However, the fact that the US government has spent about $2.5 million on illegal immigrants in Arizona alone with a growing rate is the real issue (Fahmy). American tax dollars are being used to keep those here that do not have to pay taxes and have the ability to take advantage of programs meant to help Americans in poverty. Instead of using these tax dollars on those that are legal citizens in need …show more content…
The majority of these people coming over illegally are criminals, social and economic burdens of the taxing paying citizens. While there are some that are coming over here with good intentions they still impact Americans economically and socially (Immigration Pro & Con). The Arizona state treasurer claims that nearly $2.5 million is lost to illegal immigrants and their families per year not including incarcerating and education costs (Fahmy). Illegal immigrants are also able to apply for social services through the citizenship of their children. There are about a third more illegal immigrants on welfare than there are legal citizens, this makes it easy for them to live off the government and not have to get a job since they qualify for free services (Camarota). The United States is also providing them with programs and ways to become citizens for free and allowing them to stay here while that process is in effect, instead of requiring them to return to their country and apply legally. It is estimated that an American household pays nearly $20,000 per year to keep an illegal household in the United States instead of deporting. These illegal immigrants are practically relying on the government to take care of them instead of taking it upon themselves to be legal and work hard to earn what they

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