What Is The Importance Of Line Management

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Register to read the introduction… This causes conflict on occasions as line manager’s work towards judging cases on merit and HR work towards consistency in procedures. HR constrain the autonomy of managers to make decisions as HR feel the decisions they make are in the best interests of the business but this may not always be the case. The line manager may sometimes not want to impose procedures if it is to the detriment of the business. For example, a new staff member in the call centre during peak periods of business can remain with the company even though their record of attendance is poor due to business needs. The line manager will take into account service levels and the impact on the business whereas HR will look at precedents, consistency and legal implications. Line manager’s actions are more likely to tie in with the business objectives as they work alongside the people they manage. The business is partly driven by procedures but now due to an improved understanding of them by middle management and good communication with the HR department the procedures work well with the …show more content…
The company says staff are its best asset and the HR strategy focuses on development, however, it does not allow line managers to spend sufficient time with people. Line managers are accountable for their actions but have little authority when making decisions as HR still own the rulebook. They manage many employees and so lack the time to do HR work well. They are not experts at HRM so are reliant on HR to check their work. However, it gives the line manager greater self management and responsibility for individuals and teams, also building on their interpersonal skills, team leadership and motivational skills. Our HR strategy is only known to the HR division head which means it is non existent as it is not embraced by line managers who have the skills and understanding necessary to engage employees. HR appears to emphasise employee commitment and motivation (Cannell 2004) but little is done to evidence

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