HRM 531 Case Study Answers

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1. Placing the right person in the right job, which would include interviews, screening resumes, taking references as most often it is operation staff who know similar kinds in the market place to get correct feedbacks.
2. Induction of a new employees in the organization (orientation): HR may provide a very basic introduction related to occupational health and safety, but all job related induction becomes line manager’s responsibility.
3. Training employees for jobs that are new to them; Identification, approval and arranging training, whether internal or external, is often line manager’s job as HR is often not in position to understand what kind of training needs to be imparted. At best HR can look for suitable facilities.
4. Gaining cooperation
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Often selection of new employees is limited if not based on remuneration package, which may not be best suited to line manager. HRD and Operation team may be looking at different skills and personality traits in a person to be recruited.


Organizations must have a clearly defines strategy for tasks often passed on to line managers. The strategy should include identifying right people for this role, train them and allow them with fairness to be able to have time to delivery desired results. The performance of such line managers in dual role should be carefully monitored and they should be adequately compensated to perform very important role of developing new employees.
The problem usually develops when there is no clear strategy and there is misalignment & distrust between HRD and line managers. In such case the results are inadequate and incomplete. This kind of situation is unproductive for any company as leadership development, succession planning, coaching and career planning are either ill executed or left in abeyance, despite the fact that these are major drivers of long term organisational health and profitability.
Senior management and leadership role is critical in understanding this issue and developing a strategy to address this common

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