Cliq Digital Organizational Structure

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Line/staff management organizational structure
According to R. Jones (George, 2011), a line manager is someone in the direct line or chain of command that has formal authority over people and resources at lower levels. Further, a staff manager is someone responsible for managing a specialist function, such as finance and marketing.
At Cliq Digital the company’s structure can be seen as a line/staff management organizational structure. Authority rests in the top management as it flows down the organizations hierarchy, while accountability travels from bottom to the top along the chain of command. Every department manager has control of their respective departmental affairs, including the employees in the department.
The company’s chain of command can be described as a flat organizational hierarchy compared to the size of the company. A flat organizational
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The legal department is responsible for contractual matters and giving advice on a broad range of matters.
Customer relations
The Customer Relations is responsible for ensuring that Cliq Digital complies with the customer care requirements for all the countries in which Cliq Digital operates.
Sales and Campaigns
The sales team is responsible for acquiring new customers through online and mobile advertising. The department works closely with affiliate partners and it buys online and mobile traffic directly from its source. It is responsible for bringing in good conversions through quality traffic sources in order to be competitive in every country.

Design / Campaigns
The design/Campaigns team is part of the Sales& Campaigns departments. It is responsible for the development of high converting campaigns. They translate ideas on campaigns into easy to understand, interactive graphics such as landing pages, banners, portals and everything else that requires a visual presentations.
Area Marketing Team
The Area Marketing team consists out of Marketing, Optimization and Full

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