What Is The Importance Of Education In Iceland Essay

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Education is very inexpensive in Switzerland with attendees only having to pay a small tuition fee at the beginning of each term. The public loved this form of education because it is very cost effective while it does not sacrifice the quality of instruction.
In Iceland, education is very well respected and every citizen has a right to attend. Children often attend daycare at a very young age due to the high percentage of working parents. They are legally obligated to go to school from ages 7-16. A large majority of students attend boarding schools away from the home and continue their education past the legal requirement. All education is free to citizens and anyone can attend university if they are able to pay small fees. Word Trade Press reports that Iceland has the highest percentage of children enrolled in school. The education system in Iceland is one of the most highly regarded in the world due to its’ accessibility. Denmark has a very exclusive education system. Children often enter kindergarten at the age of 3 due to both parents working. This is the age that children begin their compulsory education that must last at least 9 years. Since children are starting school so early, it is common for students to attend more schooling after their required 9 years are up. Roughly half of all graduates attend some sort of vocational school or
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In today’s culture everyone’s voices should be heard despite economic, social, or racial background. The countries that had the most favorable rights laws were more egalitarian societies. This means that everyone is equal socially, politically, and economically. This puts people on a more even playing field and doesn’t allow for some to be overshadowed. It is important for a nation’s happiness that everyone feel that they are heard. The egalitarian mindset creates that equality among everyone that so many nations and people groups are fighting for

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