A Short Summary On The Fight For Your Rights

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Fight for Your Rights
Have you ever thought of having too much of anything could easily destroy you? No matter what it is, just too much of anything could stop you forever from getting what you want. There are always goals in our life that we want to achieve, but did we ever think about better ways to achieve it? American students attend primary and secondary school for a combination of twelve years. At the age of six, United States children begin elementary school. They attend for five or six years and then go to middle school, and after middle school they attend another four years of high school. United States students may go to college or university which is known as a higher education. In high schools, schools are held from Monday to Friday,
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We should know the importance of a student being educated in life as long as they are educated in school. Would we you do if you have the education you want in your hands but you are not educated enough in life to find a job for yourself? Could you imagine being in a job interview, but all you know is what you learned in school, and you do not know how to be educated in life and know how to communicate with people? Too much homework can really affect student’s life even after graduation. If teachers tried to reduce the amount of homework there would be a decrease in stress and increase in happiness. Nair also stated a solution in her article, “Talk to the principal about your concerns. She may agree and set policy changes in motion, Or, you may need to involve other parents and go to the school board.” This shows how the author is really agreeing that parents should take a step and fight for their children to stop what’s not right. It is really important for a graduate student to be happy after graduation, just like when Shusterman stated, “Our nation’s schools must do more than just turn out a new crop of graduates each year. They must prepare the children in their charge to lead happy, productive, healthy lives long after they’ve received their diplomas.” This shows the importance of happiness after graduation. School should look at average rate of happy graduates, not on how many are

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