Public Education Vs Homeschooling

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Public education and homeschooling are two of the best-known techniques of getting a general education. What if there is objection to what is being taught in public education? Could a parent be considered a conscientious objector when it comes to state and federal rulings on their child’s education (Morrison, K. 2014)? Implementation of Common Core State Standards in American public schools is forcing parents to choose between public education and homeschooling. In order for a parent to make a bold decision, like taking their child out of public schools to educate at home, they should be educated on what it is they are objecting to and the consequences, if any, there will be later on. Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have many people …show more content…
As schools are implementing the CCSS in America, more and more parents are looking into and choosing to educate their children at home. In Evidence For Homeschool: Constitutional Analysis In Light Of Social Science Research, it expands on how “A parent’s ability to direct the upbringing and education of their children is a fundamental right” (Domas, pg65). In this review it gives many reasons for parents to choose homeschooling. One reason it the ability to tailor the education to the needs of the child. Though most homeschooling follows the same style and materials used in traditional classrooms, like CCSS, it gives the child one-on-one attention and more room to tailor to their needs. It also is helpful that the parent is able to know and understand the ways of instructing the material as apposed to sending them to public school where they are being taught in a way parents are unable to help …show more content…
Gaming is a big part of today’s children and adults. It is no surprise that there is a way of linking Common Core Strategies (CCS) in today’s video games. Gaming and education is linked in this fresh approach to CCS; it is explained in Linking the Educational Principles of Multiplayer Gaming and Play to Common Core Strategies. “CCSS calls for learners to become competent learners. Building in the freedom to explore and by default fail as they explore without severe penalties can do this. In this way learners are free to use higher level thinking skills and search for creative connections in their learning” (Kooiman, pg 194). For those children who repeat over and over in a video game it helps them to see the mistakes and correct these mistakes all the while learning and advancing. Teachers, with time, can allow the child to take the steps necessary at their own pace and challenge those who advance more quickly. “At the same time the learners need to be challenged but not overwhelmed” (Kooiman, pg195). That is where the play needs to be emphasized. If children see learning as work they will most likely shut down but by turning the learning into a fun game they are more likely to respond positively and learn in the process. Mixing the gaming world and the educational system is currently in effect with websites that teachers show the students to the site and let them

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