Cultural Differences In Nursing

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It is important that everyone learns about the cultures that they are communicating with, but it is even more important that nurses learn about the cultural people they are working with for the following reasons: one, if a nurse does something against the traditions of the culture he or she is in, the cultural person may leave the hospital early and die; two, a nurse may loses his or her job for offending people from culture; and three, a nurse needs to learn how to communicate properly with the cultural people to make friends, to enjoy their time, and to learn new things in life while working. Also, we need to learn about different cultures and different traditions since two different cultures may have opposite opinions about what is right …show more content…
A doctor may spend a lot of his/her time studying about a patient 's health while a nurse will take care of the patient. Hanssen states, “To act ethically, the nurse must have adequate knowledge about the patient’s personal and cultural background in order to understand what he or she understands – or does not understand – and what meaning the patient perceives in the situation” (38). So, knowing how to communicate with specific patients in a culture is very important in a nursing career. Without proper communication, nurses and patients sometimes do not communicate properly because patients consider themselves as low class people who are too uneducated to make long conversation with their nurses, and on the other hand, some nurses want to look like they know everything and they are the leaders, which causes patients to hide things from them and/or leave the hospital early. These behaviors can be avoided by learning how to communicate with cultural people in proper ways. An article says, “Nurses are the healthcare professionals mainly responsible for maintaining the clinical environment and negotiating with culturally diverse family members” (Høye, Severinsson 11). To be a good nurse, I need to be a good communicator, and to be a good communicator, I need to know about the culture I am

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