What Is The Importance Of Beauty Pageants

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BB1 Beauty Pageants All Beauty pageants have been questioned for whether or not they are truly innocent. In many cases, the smiles and happiness is more real than phony. While many believe it is okay to put children in beauty pageants, others feel that child beauty pageants are wrong because it is child abuse. Beauty pageants should not be thought of as child abuse. In the moral state of mind, it is a little girl’s dream to be a queen. All little girls see an adult woman as a role model or ideal to look up to. Seeing other adult women dress up, put on makeup, be presentable, act like they have modesty, act like they have courage and a good attitude is a good thing for them to see. When they see all of this they see Beauty Pageants in a different way. Dreams do have to start somewhere, but if you don’t let them try something they will never know. Pageants have a …show more content…
The complete package “ called by judges is based on capability, looks, poise, perfection and confidence. Those influenced competition was researched based on their education and self-confidence. It takes a child full of energy and confidence to get on a stage in front of hundreds of strangers to show your package (Day). There are also beneficial programs that the pageants help out while they give out scholarships. Alot of people argue that negative aspects that take over contest, but in reality benefits play a huge role. “I always think if you can stand on stage in front of hundreds of people, then I can stand up to the bullies being horrible to me” says the former America’s perfect teen. Even bullied girls get away from the bad life while competing in pageants. Usually, you would think the girls cling to their moms, but now they can stand in front of hundreds of audience being confident with themselves (Gleick). Communicating freely with others gets them an outgoing spirit, which is an important personality

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